So, as you can see below, GSO is on its way and its early days yet, but its looking great. Each issue continues to improve and develop - putting many free downloadable magazines to shame - and I expect this to be a welcome return to publishing. The content is all there and I know Alex will deliver something visually strong and building on what went before.

I probably take a backseat when it comes to the magazine, my main involvement (excluding writing) is that the team contribute and we have enough material of a standard to publish. From then on its a case of letting the issue take shape and proofing when required.

GSO started out as a sideline from the main site itself, but in some ways attracted an exclusive readership who preferred the physical presence of a magazine, instead of reading online. I'm not sure if we could develop a version to fit on Sony PSP's but you never know. It would be a different layout and presentation. I have only seen a couple of PSP magazines, and these tend to be nothing more than screensized pictures with some poorly focused text laid across them.

Weekend joys

So its finally here, and I'm glad. Already one question of the assignment has been put to bed; just three more left.

I've started the final book in the Chronicles of the Raven series by James Barclay. As I've probably ranted on an earlier post, labelling it just "fantasy" is depriving those who enjoy characters, drama, twists and tension. Just because the world in which its set does not conform to the one we know ourselves, why should we turn away and ignore the possibilities?

Fingers crossed the Raith can get a result at Alloa tomorrow...