Return of the... king???

So Gamestyle Beta is now up and online. However it's just a taster for now; it allows us to maintain our news coverage and take note of feedback. So check it out via the links section and see what you think.

I'm just pleased to be back in some form, and to be honest I've let my awareness of video game news slip over the past few months. I doubt too much has been missed, as it just seems to be the usual stream of PR releases, pending legislation and rumours... it's like we've never been away.

The Times today has a massive sample of the latest book from Stephen King - I wonder how much they paid for that - and it's a book I won't be checking out. I've always had mixed thoughts on King as a writer (badly influenced by the terrible film adaptations of his work) and the constant stream of releases, which puts him second to Kootz. In many ways he is the horror writer that it's ok to like in the bland world of mainstream books and publishing. People, there is much more out there!

My own take is he is a clever sort, always reinventing rather than inventing or pushing in any new direction. I know some have already criticised his latest work for being very similar to Simon Clarke's 'Blood Crazy' or 'The Strand'. Interestingly on page 3 of The Times today, there was a large piece on the forthcoming Dan Brown legal case with the authors of 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail'.

Needless to say I'm not a huge fan of Mr Brown either, and his work quite generic and predictable. The Grail book is no doubt an influence, but just to what extend will be up to a judge, and that decision could scupper the Hollywood blockbuster due later this year. And I'd love to avoid any film with Tom Hanks in it... please.