Some of you Gamestyle regulars probably couldn't log into the forum today, and you may take some heart from the fact that neither could I. So I've had to re-register and acquire the forum permissions tomorrow re staff areas etc. I think the forum has been jinxed for sometime and this is just the latest incident. This version does seem to have bugs in the software, which are out of our control.

Putting that aside for a few hours, the latest on the house front is more positive. We've decided more or less to go with the part exchange offer. This means less worry and pressure when trying to sell the house and the bonus of moving into a brand new propery, in double quick time. Sometimes you cannot measure things in a financial sense, as they are worth far more than that. Some peace of mind and a new environment are priceless in our book.

As promised yesterday I've finally commenced with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke which has been unfairly dubbed Harry Potter for adults. It's quite obvious from the opening 50 pages that the quality of the writing on display is from a greater, more talented (but not as rich) writer. I really dislike such bland and thoughtless comparisons.

More news tomorrow and the latest picture is taken from the train on our way down to Newcastle, after a quick burst of snow.