Not sure what is going on at the moment - as I felt like Custer on the battlefield - all alone this weeked. The original aim was to launch today, and for all that I know, it may still happen. The main thing is that it's so close now, that everyone is finding it hard to restrain themselves. I'm very much aware that we have content for when that moment does arrive. So several previews were uploaded and additional reviews as well. I find nothing worse when looking around a site if it does not have material in the sections it has on offer. It's like buying an empty book.

That's my weekend of work on the site over, as that's what I said I would do, and have delivered. Putting the previews in place confirmed that there are some games worthy of my attention out there. Okami I have known about since Capcom first revealed the Clover title (what seems like years ago). The new title from Remedy also looks different, fun will be provided by Gitaroo Man Lives (almost worth buying a PSP for?) and the DS Zelda title takes off from where Wind Waker finished - another game I'll go back to. The Wii Trauma Centre sequel, looks fantastic fun with the unique controller.

So some releases of merit later this year.