Good/Bad News

Sad news arrived today with Emerald City confirming it will be shutting down over the next few months.

I know what a loss this is for keen readers, as it is surprising - given the vastness of the internet - how reliable and regular sources are increasingly difficult to find. I can also appreciate what Cheryl has posted regarding this decision. Regular readers will know that I myself have taken a step back from Gamestyle (which has taken up the last 6 years of my life), for some much needed timeout and consideration of the future.

One thing I know I could not do is let the place close down (yes, technically its been in neutral since December, but it is almost into a higher gear), as it should always be out there and available to anyone who wants an honest video game review. I could not let all that work and effort suddenly vanish. So in that context Emerald City will certainly be missed, and it must be an incredibly tough decision to make - I'm not sure I could honestly make it myself. Dean has said GS won't continue if I'm not back on board in some form, but I believe he over estimates my influence and some of the guys we have on board. Put it this way, it won't be disappearing.

I do know that there have been some heated topics of discussion over on the Emerald City blog (a great source for news) that maybe have influenced this decision? I fully appreciate how frustrating criticism can be, when it is aimed at something which is a hobby and you put so much into. At times it does feel like the whole world is against you, and your website.

A sad day indeed, however I also received some good news yesterday...

Yes, I've managed to win the signed limited edition proof of Alan Campbell's Scar Night, thanks to a competition run by the publisher. A very nice surprise. I've never actually seen the ARC for this release, but some have said its very lavish in comparison to the full release itself. I'm just thrilled to have it in my collection, and must get around to starting it soon.

Funnily enough the topic of lavish ARC's was another heated debate over at Emerald City. Collectors seem to lap these up nowadays. Take for instance the crazy prices Scott Lynch's ARC have been going for over on Ebay. And that promo doesn't seem to be anything really special - the story itself is the real joy. An influence is that some publishers are taking advantage of the format and numbering their editions (Hal Duncan's release last year was 600?), and in comparison to a first edition, arguably a more collectable piece.

Some cheeky sellers are also trying to ask for inflated prices of Alan Campbell's Scar Night (exclusive numbered edition), when in fact you can still obtain this via Goldsboro books last time I checked:

Alan had mentioned on his blog becoming bored of signing his name and instead took up impersonating celebrities - so do check that Bono hasn't signed your book. Unless of course he was joking.