Gamestyle Live

Well Gamestyle now offers its own podcast, as of last Monday known as Gamestyle Live.

This is something we had discussed previously, especially after the demise of GSO Magazine. No matter what potions or magic spells I tried, there was no bringing it back to life. Instead we've gone from print to the spoken word almost immediately.

I still have my USB headset from SOCOM, and use this on the PS3, but faced with some spare time over last weekend I thought about trying the PC upstairs to see if it would record via Sony Soundforge. And yes, it did!

That's pretty much the pilot episode you can currently download over at Gamestyle or via ITunes (yeah, no stopping us now!), however its only a pilot with me talking. The feedback has been positive and suggestions forthcoming, so we are going to try and turn this into a regular feature running alongside the site. Great thing is that the guys are all interested as well, so it won't be just my wonderful voice you'll hear - although M thought I sounded a bit camp. Cheek.

Work is underway on Episode 2, which I'd encourage you to try once its available. The pilot was just a tester, the next one will be longer and with background music and others. Whether or not we can put together a discussion in time remains to be seen, however we've sourced background music and everyone is buzzing with ideas.

I'm almost through Steph Swainston's latest, fantastic, hopefully will finish it off in the next 24 hours, podcasting allowing!