Some great content over at GS in the past few days, with the guys delivering some fine reviews. Aye, I've the benefit of seeing what's come but with the odd exception we have new content everyday, and scoring that's honest and reliable.

With my focus on reviewing, its hard sometimes to take time out to enjoy those games you want to play yourself. Enjoying Forza 2 but that's had to go to one side, probably until the middle of next week. Hearing Overlord is fun as well, so maybe one for the future. However what games am I looking forward to experiencing this year? My shopping list should be:

BioShock 24 Aug
Seems to me that all FPS releases for 2007 have to be out before Halo 3 lands. I previewed this at GS and because of that, actually became quite interesting in the game. This sometimes happens when doing previews, although BioShock faces a hard task of trying to live in a competitive genre.

Killzone (7 Sept)
I've played all of the developer's titles so far, and while full of holes and issues the strong design and art direction lingers. I'll give them one last chance.

Heavenly Sword (14 Sept)
Big hype attached to this PS3 title. Whether it can deliver is something else, but it sure does look pretty.

Halo 3 (26 Sept)
Automatic choice, although I do know someone who will be avoiding this game but will (of course) go co-op with me offline. Online, I'll only be playing with friends as many live players are not worth commenting on.

Sega Rally 3 (28 Sept)
Sega Rally, enough said. Hopefully better than number 2.

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (5 Oct)
I avoided Half Life 2 on the Xbox as I knew a next-gen version was on the cards, this is a bumper package to reward patient souls.

Grand Theft Auto IV (19 Oct)
Easy choice and 360 version given the extra content has pushed me towards the Xbox format. Shame as the PS3 will be inferior unless Sony can do something in return.

Assassin's Creed (9 Nov)
Any version will do as this promises to be something well worth purchasing. The touch of class in UbiSoft's 2007 lineup.

Mass Effect (16 Nov)
A Bioware RPG, goes without saying that this should be a rollercoaster of a ride, with hopefully a decent fighting system. Another epic adventure.

Resident Evil 5 (17 Nov)
Perhaps not the most reliable of dates, those who experienced RE4 will know Capcom will deliver once more.

Haze (23 Nov)
Strong PS3 exclusive from Free Radical Design. Yeah, some of the guys who did Goldeneye but (in my opinion) have yet to live up to the hype. Finally this could be the one althought the genre is so fierce it'll need something amazing to set it apart in the market.

What about Manhunt 2? I'm all up for that as I enjoyed the original. As for the Wii, Super Mario is a must but I'll look more closely at the Wii schedule another time.