New Gamestyle Version

Yes, the new year kicks in with a new version of the site. Ok, its not there just yet but almost.

Now how many is that? I'm not the official record keeper, Dean's probably the one for that role. I think it may be 8 or 9, which is an average of one a year? Using my 3G phone on the move I've come to realise how quick the current version is, putting many sites to shame. The flamin' official F1 site is a huge download just to open the main page for christsakes!

It promises to be a good year for the site. I am now free of any need for study and exams for the first time in three years. And while I probably won't be playing as many games as I have done in the past, I'll still be chipping in with them on a regular basis. The looming of the grand prix later this year is a costly expense that deserves alot of saving, or murdering the AMEX - in the long run, I know which one is best.

Right, best shoot. I have a review to write.