It's been a chaotic weekend with Modern Warfare and Gamestyle taking up much of my available time. Activision have been kind enough to supply us with a copy of the PS3 release and the official strategy guide to review. Also expect a great competition this week as well!

Modern Warfare 2 is perhaps the biggest release of the year and reviewing such a title is often a no-win situation, especially if you don't actually buy into the hype after experiencing what's on offer. That was certainly the case with my Killzone 2 review, which was the target from many fanboys. Thankfully Infinity Ward have not disappointed and restored my faith in the first person shooter genre. I still prefer Quake online which is far more fluid and skillful, but that's personal taste.

So this weekend has seen a blitz on the game. You're throwing yourself into every mode to see what's on offer. An intense few days, but it doesn't compare to the original Knights of the Old Republic title, which we received just before release and I basically spent a whole weekend playing night and day, lapping it up. Yeah, reviewing games can be enjoyable but tiring at the same moment.

Moving on this week has seen some good and bad news over at Gamestyle. We've fixed the problem backstage and also with the images that held us back so badly for the past few weeks. It's great to finally get going again and we've got plenty of catching up to do. Sadly its also been a changing of the guard as well. We've lost several great writers such as Adam who I cannot blame for becoming frustrated and looking elsewhere. Having been with the site for 10 years now it reminds of when other staple writers such as MikeB and Meerman all decided to retire. History tells me other passionate writers will always take their place and so it will be again. However I just want to get the site onto a firm foundation so for 2010 we can recruit new talent and really show how great Gamestyle can be.

Right, better finish this Modern Warfare 2 review!