Angels' Share: Port Ellen Signatory 1983 Cask Strength Collection

Back when I first thought about this Angels' Share series I knew that silent distilleries were a huge draw. Not only having a malt from one of the classic distilleries but one that no longer exists has a certain charm, mystery and appeal. I've already added Dallas Dhu and Rosebank to name but two, however one name is on the lips of many when it comes to silent distilleries and that's Port Ellen.
Diageo has made some terrible mistakes over the years and I'm sure if it could correct any then potentially Port Ellen would be top of the list. In saying that, the company hasn't done too badly with its ongoing range of official malt selections that command formidable prices upon release. For many whisky lovers the possibility of owning a Port Ellen remains out of reach and the only chance might be an independent bottling, which is what we have here. I'm not adverse to the prices the Diageo releases are initially but I just think this independent route is better value and more limited.
Compared to the Diageo releases this Signatory Vintage is well priced and very limited, plus it has the unique finish of being treated in a wine butt cask with a healthy 55.7%. Compared to some independent bottlers, the bottle and packaging are of good quality. I always feel sad that no companies seem to put a booklet in with each purchase giving details about the distillery and its history. I suppose such additions would increase the price further and out of the reach of many yet again. So this is something special; now I have a Port Ellen I might as well get the Brora in...

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