New Arrival: Glenfiddich Millennium Vintage 2012

The last bottle to arrive in 2012 (today of all days) is a fitting end to what's been a great year. Yes, it can only be the Glenfiddich Millennium Vintage Limited Edition Bottling. Created for travel retail in no doubt a release-size that makes a mockery the often abused phrase 'limited edition'. I actually tasted this bottle probably around February/March and its taken me a while to finally get around to obtaining one. My own thoughts back then were one of sweetness, vanilla and a very drinkable, mainstream offering from Glenfiddich.

This taste comes about thanks to the final 2 months the batch spent in bourbon casks - these must have been super powerful bourbon to embellish such a tremendous influence in such a short period of time. Retailing for £39.99 at certain airports it won't break the bank either so a safe purchase. Happy New Year!

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