Taste: Glen Keith & Littlemill

Well, as expected it didn't take me too long to dive into the Closed Distillery box set. I've finished off 2 samples, which to be fair doesn't take much doing given their size. Keeping this in mind the Taste landscape is limited and seeing that many of these samples are taken from releases that have been well reviewed previously, I've enjoyed reading what others have said and comparing this to my own thoughts. Perhaps its my inexperience or lack of stock, as many whiskies open up only after a couple of drams and some patience. More than anything I think this actually highlights how difficult it must be to achieve some sense of accuracy for the whisky review bloggers on such a small sample; a mockery of the work that goes into crafting each release. Generally this is why when I take the time to describe some tasting notes, it'll be from my own bottle. 

For both tasting samples here, I have includes photographs of the actual tasting cards alongside this piece including bottle release details. So, for what it's worth lets begin with the Glen Keith:

Citrus is the most evident aroma, there's a freshness and sweetness at the forefront, a touch of spice, ginger, melon and pineapple.

50% strength so whether you add water is up to you here. The nosing characteristics continue into the tasting, freshness and citrus appeal. This gives way to a creaminess finish which comes as surprise. A very easy drinking malt. Almost lowland in its characteristics and not what I was expecting at all!

Now onto the widely available Littlemill, which for a demolished distillery still has plenty of examples available today and enjoys releases each year.

This is a distillery with a reputation of variable quality. Sometimes you are really taking your life in your own hands with a bottle of Littlemill however its worth it for those moments when you do strike gold. This sadly isn't one of those moments, but it's not a stinker either despite what some may suggest. I found it quite interesting; an oddity.

Spicy nose, we actually spent sometime debating which spice. Aniseed, star anise, a hint of mint. Really fresh cut, with a clear appearance that harks back to new make spirit and that initial nose. It's almost crystal clear in the glass. Taste liquorice and not much else to be honest. I'm staggered this is 19 years old. What happened? A tired cask? It's almost as if it spent 18 of those years in suspended animation. Still it's drinkable! 

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