New Arrival: The Glenlivet Alpha

And so here it is, the Glenlivet entry into the new marketing world that is gaining popularity throughout whisky. Ardbeg have their unique campaigns, Bruichladdich beat us to a pulp with a stream of releases and Highland Park play on those Nordic roots. As far as No Age Statement whisky goes Alpha is the purest expression to date. The Glenlivet Alpha is their first foray into 'blind' tasting and for any whisky fan, the whole blank canvas has been handed over to you. All we know is that its strength is 50%
So after much mystery the bottle has arrived. Wrapped in a George & J.G. Smith, it is shrouded in mystery. Removing this we have the distinctive and radical black bottle. The front proclaiming where its from and that this is Alpha, at 50%. And that's your lot!
The general consensus from those that have seen the bottle, including female colleagues who have little to do with whisky is positive. It is a bold statement and for a whisky bottle breaks all the traditions. The rear of the bottle does not add much more detail either. Shrouded in darkness we're even deprived of the primary colour of the malt within.
Just 3350 bottles have been released for Alpha, with the UK receiving just 600, and master distiller Alan Winchester will reveal further details about the whisky itself in the forthcoming weeks. Glenlivet have admitted that it does contain 'some very good whiskies' yet that's the nearest we'll get to year information about vintage. Thanks to the strict rules of the Scottish Whisky Association we'll never know - the SWA are really beginning to annoy me with their rulebook. New trends need to be accommodated. As for the taste I'm interested to see what enthusiasts such as myself think alongside 'professional' reviewers. 

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