Taste: Waldviertler Austrian Rye Whisky

Almost every taste review I do at Whisky Rover is from a bottle I have bought myself. Whenever this isn't the case, I will make it very clear. And this is one of those moments as I was given a sample bottle (50cl) of an Waldviertler rye whisky to try.

Wald-what I hear you ask? I was the same and eager to try this Austrian whisky as distilleries are appearing left-right-and-centre nowadays but Waldviertler has been in operation since the mid-90's.

Ideally I do prefer drinking and debating from my own bottle, allowing time for thoughts and taste notes. However after tasting this little chap I can safely say this wouldn't be on my shopping list any time soon, or ever. The flavours are quite apparent so I am comfortable in summarising my impressions very swiftly.
First, it is worth considering that this malt is a first for Europe being made 100% from rye and using Waldviertler's own special malting process and resting in Manhartsberger summer oak casks - native to this region. The aim is to combine the sweet flavours of vanilla with honey to give a distinctive and sweet dram; in this context it is a huge success. If you are looking for a dessert wine.

Colour: Honey
Nose: Wow this is the sweetest aroma from a whisky I've experienced. Normally I'd associate this rich sugar nose with a dessert wine. It is overpoweringly sweet with honey, peaches and lemon. In fact if you've ever tasted and nosed an ice wine from Canada then you'll know exactly what this is like. 
Taste: Honey, golden syrup, it is a pure sugar rush with overtones of lemsip; not something I'd expected in a whisky. 

Bottled at 41% and six years old this is a unique whisky and I'm all for trying new things and broadening my experiences. Non-chill filtered and no colouring are the main plus points. If you were to drink this and I'd suggest some caution overall, as an after dinner/end of meal refreshment is the ideal situation. You only need one dram of this sweetness as the flavour is overpowering and you'll struggle to drink another.  

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