New Arrival: Puni Alba

Italian what I hear you cry? Yes, for a nation that has been a strong supporter of whisky it is surprising that until very recently Italy hasn't joined the New World whisky revolution, until now that is. Puni distillery is situated in the north-east of the country in the middle of the Italian Alps, which provides the fresh water source. While still too young to call their product whisky, Puni have released a bottle of new make spirit (called Puni Pure) and this Alba bottle that has been matured in Marsala casks from Sicily.

Arguably the most original and distinctive designed distillery (have a look online), those stylish Italians have taken the same logic to the actual packaging of their bottles. This shouldn't come as a surprise I suppose upon reflection but the presentation is still well put together and very slick.
There is an art deco feel to the packaging and this continues into the distinctive bottle shape and embossed label. Too often these first releases from new distilleries are caught in a rush to bring in much needed revenue, plugging the gap before it can be labelled and sold as whisky; not Puni.

What does Alba mean? Well it is Italian for sunrise, I should know that having spent a week in Italy but 2013 but the packaging is very informative. This is their first cask matured spirit and their first step towards an Italian malt. Alba is distilled of 3 types of malted cereals (malted rye, barley and wheat) in handmade Scottish copper pot stills, refined in Sicilian Marsala casks and laid down for maturation in warehouses including World War 2 bunkers which are ideal in humid conditions due to being underground. 
So the details for now:

Distillery: Puni
Distilled: 12-36 months
Strength: 43%
Casks: Marsala and Pinot Noir
Additional: Un-chillfiltered
Price: Around 50 euros

As for the answers about what it tastes like, well expect a Taste review soon enough.

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