Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2015: Results Part 2

We're onto the second half of the 2015 award winners. If you want to read the first section that covers Scotland and the top of the tree bottles then click here.

Followers on Twitter will know that tonight I the pleasure of telling Rock Town Distillery that they'd won - I really thought the lucky few would have been advised in advance! It's a small world thanks to technology. Right, onto the remainder of the winners and remember OTY = of the year:

Irish Whiskey
Whisky OTY: Redbreast aged 21 years
Irish Pot Still Whisky OTY: Redbreast aged 21 years
Irish Single Malt OTY: Bushmills aged 21 years
Irish blend OTY: Jameson

American Whiskey
Bourbon OTY: William Larue Weller
Rye OTY: Sazerac Rye 18 years old (Fall 2013)
US Micro Whisky OTY: Arkansas Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon Whiskey #190
US Micro Whisky OTY (runner up): Balcones Texas Straight Bourbon VII

NAS (multiple barrels): William Larue Weller
NAS (single barrel): Elmer T. Lee Single barrel bourbon 1919-2013
9 years and under: Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Aged 8 years
10-17 years (multiple barrels): Four Roses 125th Anniversary Small Batch
10-17 years (single barrel): Four Roses 2013 Limited Edition Single barrel #3-4P
18 years & over (multiple barrels): Elijah Craig 21 year old single barrel (is that right?)

NAS: Thomas Handy Sazerac Rye 132.4
11 years & over: Sazerac Rye 18 years old (Fall 2013)

Canadian Whisky
Whisky OTY: Masterson's 10 year old straight rye

Japanese Whisky
Whisky OTY: Yamazaki single malt Sherry cask 2013

European Whisky
European whisky OTY: English Whisky Co. Chapter 14 not peated
European whisky OTY: Belgian Owl Single Malt '64 months'

World Whiskies
Asian whisky OTY: Kavalan single malt whisky
Southern hemisphere: NZ Whisky Willowbank 1988 25 years old

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