Bruichladdich 15 Year Old Links Series Valhalla

We're back onto the mystery samples as kindly provided by the fine chaps at Malt-Review. These exchanges have been going on for almost a year and during that time horizons have been broadened and new experiences logged.

Mark is a big fan of Bruichladdich whilst I tend to sit on the fence about the distillery. However I recognise the passion given my fondness for all things Brora or Deanston. This was a bargain auction pick-up and if you frequent the online sites then you can pick up some interesting bottles for little more (or less) than a staple purchase at the supermarket.

Take a moment to check out the auction lots on the last day and see if there is anything of interest. Read the description (its surprising how many don't), take in any photographs and then set a limit. It's that easy but somewhat addictive. We all have our favourites but it doesn't hurt to try something off the well-trodden path now and again. Some folk like a flutter at the bookies but I'd rather take a punt on a bottle well off my radar.

Distillery: Bruichladdich
Age: 15 years old
Strength: 46% ABV
Casks: 15 years in a bourbon cask before being finished in a premier cru Climens Barsac cask
Edition of: 18,000 as part of the Valhalla series

Colour: apple juice

Nose: familiar flavours of marzipan, vanilla and banana. Suggestive of a grain aye, but on the outer perimeters white pepper of all things. A musty woody note and adding more water brings out juicy fruit notes plus a touch of smoke, which is most unexpected.

Taste: Lots of confectionary with barley sugars and pear drops. Lots of fresh oats and dark caramel.

A pleasant fellow, little to criticise but then again nothing to really delight me enough to track this one down. You can read what Mark thought of this whisky right here.

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