Signatory Rosebank 1991 14 year old

Back with Rosebank for the 2nd of the above trio tasting I participated in from a distance being the nominated driver. Now back in the comfort of my own whisky tasting environment, I can sit down with this Signatory bottling which consists of 2 casks.

The tasting kicked off with the Flora & Fauna release which I've reviewed right here and it was the lesser of the trio overall. This Signatory release from 2005 is bottled at 43% and comes with a no thrills presentation style rather than the chunky bottles that are tricky to pour measures from. Signatory of course now own Edradour distillery and it is here that their sizeable collection of casks are safetly stored. 

Having wandered around the warehouse I can vouch for the sizeable range of casks they are fortunate to possess and the huge range offered at the distillery shop just down the hill. Lets see if my colleagues were correct in praising this release.

Distillery: Rosebank
Distilled: 27 November 1991
Bottled:  2 February 2005
Strength: 43%
Casks: bourbon barrels 4744 + 4745
Outturn: 628 bottles

Colour: white grapes

Nose: more fruit than the previous F&F Rosebank; lots of ripe pears, green apples, melon, pineapple and coconut. Still not as brilliant or pronounced as the George Strachan Rosebank. Also memories stirring of a refreshing spritzer.

Taste: very gentle and a loving lass. A touch of smoke is in here along with lemons. It tastes strong than 43% and needs that added punch to add some vibrancy. Very creamy with apples and grapefruit thrown in.

During the tasting this came out on top with the group and its a very enjoyable example of Rosebank without the engineered aspect of the Flora and Fauna.

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