Lot No.40 Pot Still Canadian Whisky

Canadian whisky is on the rise thanks to a certain award in 2015 and a new found confidence. This interest and spotlight should enhance sales and herald the arrival of more choice on the shelves of UK retailers.

My experiences of Canadian whiskies is fairly limited despite visiting the country a couple of times. I do have a review of the Crown Royal Deluxe whisky and should attempt to develop the range of Canadian whiskies further. Hence this review of the Lot No.40 single copper pot still Canadian whisky.

I wasn't even aware of this whisky until Crystal handed over the remnants of a bottle to me as a wee thank you for taking  around Kennetpans distillery. Apparently its from Ontario and this particular version is the 2012 Edition bottled at 43% strength. It's a small batch whisky using local ingredients and on the other side of the Atlantic would set you back $40 Canadian so not too expensive.

There's not much else to say apart from I do enjoy a rye whisky whenever I stumble across one, so here's to another new experience and thanks to Crystal for the passing on the bottle.

Colour: toffee

Nose: a hit of creamy fudge a very pleasing start. Then dark chocolate before the spices you'll associate with a rye i.e. all-spice, nutmeg and cinnamon. Plenty of vanilla evident as well as liquorice and the sharpness of wood sap.

Taste: surprisingly its rather delicate on the palate and almost watery. It is rather smooth which I view as benign. Caramel, toffee apples and a slight bitterness with a light orange finish.

Overall: this Canadian doesn't appreciate water very well and after a really promising nose the actual flavours are very limited and fragile. It could benefit from a higher strength in reality. There's nothing here to hate or love to any degree its just a very average rye whisky that needs to up its game. Check out the excellent Wild Buck Whiskey if you can find it!

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