The 2016 Whisky Christmas Gift Guide

Ooh yes it is me Juliette Hearsay, official buyer for The Whisky Plop and now an aspiring Whisky Consultant. Fantastique. What a year 2016 has been for us whisky amoureux de la with so many treats! Now to celebrate with the ultime Christmas recommendations. I would be delighted to receive any of these via my postal address but anything substandard will not be gratefully received.

Thinking back my 2015 Christmas list was well a recu and even in store I managed to sell a couple of copies Distilled of all things. With the power of suggestion and a positif thinking anything is possible. Maybe I have a future in the industry, no? My aspiring Grande Great Drams is doing well with plenty of London types warming to my foreign charms and detailed whisky knowledge. I am so photogenic that sometimes they can pose alongside me with a bottle. Magnifique! Soon I will be selling lumberjack shirts with my logo emblazoned on the precedent all sizes catered for.

The pressure of finding that right gift. For whisky there are many Jura's compared to a Tormore (been paid to say this) so there is no room for echec. In no order here we debut...

Please, please, please buy this book. Encourage the masters of the soft handshake to create another collectible edition. Their knowledge, their passion and their desir to make cash oozes from each page. Now I hear they bottle their own whiskies in 5cl bottles that are made up from the dregs of their own considerable whiskies and free samples. It's a lottery on what you purchase but its style and uber chic.

Plus I cannot get into the ladies toilet due to the stack of unsold copies in our shop. Give this book a maison.

How good does this look? Diageo released that not everyone could afford the Haig decanter with aftershave yet many aspired to be seen with a blue glass bottle. For you they created the Club Clubman. Thanks to a subsidy from Coca Cola this is the perfect tonic and now you can own the blue dream.

This is so cheap some colas cost more! It's a brilliant way to harness the overproduction in the Diageo whisky stable. Lets bung it into this bottle and sell it on!
I know, the insult of moi recommending a 3 year old whisky. This is cheap filthy stuff but the labelling and packaging is wonderful. This will look splendid on your mantelpiece but please don't try to drink as its nasty young Clynelish. There is far too much colouring here as well. Trying to be Dalmore without the Nose and his tanned touch that stains the darkest shirt.

A super treat for any group of friends! A tasting led by one of the most knowledgeable and passionate whisky consultants in the UK! Who else but moi? It can only be and I'm well booked but flexible. A variety of marvellous whiskies complete with presentation and a professional style. What's not to like Remember I am also available for:

This is it! For years now Longmorn has been the ultimate whisky for enthusiasts. The owners thankfully realised they were being ripped off by fans and had to up their prices to keep shareholders happy.

The original 16 year old was laughable £80 in shop but now this new price is fairer for the excellent whisky within. If Wolfburn can sell for £45 then other distilleries with aged whisky should demand more! Using more 1st fill casks (psssst equals flavour) this will be divine and in stock.

Now sadly I have to go as I have many meetings with important PR folk and my 5 choices guarantee a happy hipster come Christmas. Remember whisky is not an old man's drink and I love all the attention and gifts you send so see you in 2017!!!