The Last Broadcast

Marvellous, here it is after seven plus years of instigating and fuelling the Whisky Rover persona it’s all systems stop, shut down and mothballed.

Admit it, you never saw this coming what with a move to a new .com URL recently and the revamp of the website with a glorious new frontage. That’s partially what I enjoyed about the whole experience. The ability to surprise, spark debate and the reactions. Part of the appeal was not knowing what was coming next. You could have hardly any articles during a week (like most other whisky sites) or a barrage of thought provoking and incendiary writing.  Always doing the unexpected and driving in my own direction regardless of the obstacles and opportunities laid out to hamper the drive.

Legacy wise what resides amongst these pages will live on, whether it’s kept afloat intact or moved elsewhere. However, from meeting many of you over the years, I know that memories have been formed and this is the greatest resource and compliment of all.

The future. What does it hold for all of us never mind whisky? Within touching distance is a new beginning and a shake down of whisky. Be patient and you’ll understand. This message won’t be promoted anywhere. This specific adventure has drawn to a close, but there is always time for another whisky and a new dawn.